Turnkey Solutions for Startup SEO Business Owner

Published May 18, 2015 in Business Issues - 0 Comments

seo manilaTo most large and established Internet Marketing firm, providing a search engine optimization service is just a part of a wider marketing strategy, of giving turnkey solutions to their clients. SEO is just the first step of a bigger process, and is followed by media buying, web design and content management, localization, and actual development to come up with realistic and high quality ROI. This seems to be cosmic in regular startup SEO firm owner’s eyes.

There’s no way that he can accommodate such things to offer to his clients and customers. But in a serious business owner’s viewpoint—whatever the size of his trade is—emulating these large and established companies way of treating their clients (and also their own marketing strategy) could be the first step to their own success.

What established companies do?

Mostly, they operate in an international scale. Affiliated with different companies, they find ease in placing their clients’ brands. They are empowered by connections—both on the Web and in the physical market—which makes their turnkey solution flow in a very smooth manner not like asking the question how to get a girl pregnant.

They are tied up with the best web designers, SEO companies, local marketing experts, and general marketing specialists. Sometimes, or often, they hire these specialists as in-house employees. To provide the best result their clients need, this is their main goal as service providers.

Therefore, what they give to their clients isn’t just a single answer but an end-to-end solution, treating their clients as business partners.

What should small and startup SEO business owners do?

Obviously, as mentioned, there’s no way for startups to copy every single method how large companies treat their clients and customers; it’s like kissing the elbow without bending the arm. But they can pattern their own marketing to theirs. They can follow and copy the caring these companies doto their clientele.

They can come up with their own turnkey solutions too. Turnkey solution in general is a type of marketing strategy that aims to get more clients, customers, and patrons by creating a set of solutions that will help them to start a deal with (or purchase a product from) the provider with ease.

These solutions is consist of methods, agreements, products and services that will help them establish their own business every step of the way. As mentioned, it is an end-to-end kind of solution hat aims to support them along the way.

Startup optimization firm owners can do the same thing as well. Turnkey solution can be effectual both to their direct optimization clients and to SEO Resellers. If they would just be open and extra generous in helping them with starting the business them without spending too much amount of money, it would surely attract a lot of customers and aspiring resellers.

Owners can give them discounts on fees or a leeway when it comes to payment method. Helping them to establish online presence by initiating to build them websites (or alter their sites if they already have one) and managing online reputation through social media can be a good one too.

Yet, the real key in providing turnkey solution is freedom. Once the prospect clients and resellers see the freedom they need as a consumer or business owner, they would probably spend no time in hesitating to sign a deal with the SEO firm owner, notwithstanding if he’s just a startup.